Bio - Michael Meenan Photography



I've been interested in photography since I was a teen. I bought my first 35mm SLR when I was 17. Over the years have had some fantastic opportunities to take interesting photographs at some interesting places and events. Recently, I've started to work on taking photos at various sporting events as part of my job. Sports and action photography is favorite area to work within the field. I enjoy capturing key moments in a competitive environment. Great images can be of the competitors, coaches or fans of the game. The challenge is to capture the moment where a competitor at the moment they have aspired to attain. Capturing the moment an athlete has attained a goal is a powerful visualization. Landscape and portrait photography offer their own unique opportunities to capture a moment in a powerful or touching image.

Originally born and raised in south Florida, I now reside and work in Indianapolis, IN. I'm the husband of my wife of 23 years and the father of two wonderful children.

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